Why is #BoycottSwiggy trending on Twitter ?

Why is #BoycottSwiggy trending on Twitter ?

The hashtag #BoycottSwiggy has been trending on Twitter due to a growing backlash against the popular food delivery app in India. There are several reasons why people are calling for a boycott of Swiggy, and these concerns have been shared widely on social media.

One of the primary reasons for the boycott is the treatment of Swiggy’s delivery executives. Many people have shared stories and images on social media of delivery executives who are underpaid, overworked, and do not receive basic benefits such as health insurance. There have also been reports of delivery executives being subjected to physical and verbal abuse by customers and restaurant staff.

Another issue is the treatment of Swiggy’s restaurant partners. The company has been accused of charging exorbitant fees, which can be as high as 25-30% of the order value. This has made it difficult for small and medium-sized restaurants to sustain their businesses. There have also been reports of Swiggy using its dominant market position to force restaurants to accept unfavorable terms.

Furthermore, Swiggy has been criticized for its lack of transparency and accountability. The company has been accused of withholding payments from restaurant partners and not providing clear explanations for their actions. There have also been reports of Swiggy arbitrarily deactivating restaurant partner accounts without warning or explanation.

Overall, the concerns raised by the #BoycottSwiggy movement highlight the importance of ethical and sustainable practices in the food delivery industry. As consumers, we have the power to support companies that prioritize fair treatment of their employees and partners. The widespread support for the boycott on social media suggests that many people are willing to take action to hold companies accountable for their actions.

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