What is RazorpayX

What is RazorpayX

RazorpayX is a product offered by Razorpay, a leading online payment gateway and financial technology (fintech) company based in India. RazorpayX is a suite of business banking solutions designed to cater to the financial needs of businesses, including startups, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), and large enterprises.

RazorpayX offers a range of features and services that help businesses manage their finances, payments, and banking operations. Some of the key features of RazorpayX include:

  1. Business Banking: RazorpayX provides businesses with virtual bank accounts (known as RazorpayX Virtual Accounts) that can be used to manage payments, collections, and payouts. These virtual accounts are integrated with the RazorpayX dashboard, allowing businesses to easily track and manage their transactions.
  2. Payments: RazorpayX enables businesses to accept online payments from customers through various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and popular digital wallets. It also supports international payments, making it convenient for businesses with global customers.
  3. Payouts: RazorpayX allows businesses to make bulk payouts to vendors, suppliers, employees, and other beneficiaries through a simple and automated process. Payouts can be initiated through the RazorpayX dashboard or through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  4. Expense Management: RazorpayX offers expense management features, including automated expense reconciliation, expense tracking, and expense reporting. This helps businesses streamline their expense management processes and gain better visibility into their expenses.
  5. Financial Tools: RazorpayX provides businesses with financial tools, such as virtual corporate cards, that can be used for expense management, vendor payments, and other business expenses. These virtual cards are linked to the RazorpayX dashboard, allowing businesses to easily monitor and manage card transactions.

Overall, RazorpayX aims to simplify banking and financial operations for businesses, providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools and features to manage their finances efficiently and effectively.

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